Mindy Larsen Milwaukee Writer by Alex Good Photography
Mindy Larsen Milwaukee Writer by Alex Good Photography
Mindy Larsen by Alex Good Photography
Mindy Larsen Milwaukee Writer by Alex Good Photography

images by Alex Good

About Mindy

I'm a 31-year-old housewife, kitty mama, writer and I love Jesus.  I've been married to my college sweetheart Chris for five years, and we live in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin with the sweetest cat, Finn.  When I'm not writing, you can find me playing volleyball, doing yoga, or having an occasional dance party in my kitchen.  I don't go anywhere without my go-to Young Living essential oils (if you don't know about their benefits, please let me hook you up). I'm 12-years-old at heart and love donuts, Marvel movies, spending time with family, and award show red carpets.  

Being authentic is important to me.  Whether shamelessly embracing my love for temporary tattoos, or being really honest when I mess up - being true to myself and being confident in who I am is vital.

I'm passionate about relationships, encouraging one another, and speaking the truth in love.  I love studying the Bible alongside other women and believe that community plays a key role in transformation.

Most importantly, I believe that true joy, peace, and freedom comes from surrendering control to Jesus, and making our lives all about Him. 

About lovemin

I am a writer blogger; so when you visit lovemin you can expect to find words.  But not just any words.  My goal is to write words that encourage your heart and point you towards the joy, peace and freedom that comes from knowing Jesus.  

So what's with the name lovemin?  
The heart behind the name is a little play on words:

  • a play on the idea of "love, Mindy" – All my blog posts are written from my heart.  I want you to feel loved and encouraged when you leave.
  • a play on my nickname of Min – my name is Mindy, but those close to me often refer to me as Min… meaning I'll get personal and be real with you.  
  •  a play on sounding out the name as "love ‘em in" – as in, ‘love them in’ to the Kingdom.  

The last point is the one that sold me on the name because it captures the reason that I write.  I believe that God loves us so much that He sent his Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross and redeem this broken world through His resurrection.  And I believe that He wants us to be a part of what He is doing - to be active participants of reaching the world with His story and His love.  That’s the reason I live the way I do- that’s my goal, to glorify Him and love others into His kingdom - and that’s why I write.

Sharing the heart behind lovemin, I hope that you have a greater understanding of who I am, and what you’re going to get when you visit this space.  It is most definitely not going to be perfect, or clean-cut, or all about butterflies and roses, because life is messy and it is hard.  But what you will find is this- words from a girl who writes from her heart, who will get personal and be real with you, and who wants you to leave knowing that you’re loved deeply by the One who created you.

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