Chalkboard Frame DIY

It has been awhile since I have been my crafty wannabe self, but lately I have got the "crafty/re-organizey/wanna make my house cute- bug".  I've been visiting my favorite antique store in the area, looking for inspiration, to vamp up our apartment.  We recently looked at a house, quite randomly, and were seriously considering putting in an offer.  But then we decided that it wasn't for us.  So to get myself over my itch to buy a house, I've decided I need to be a bit more creative and re-decorate a little in here.  First project- Chalkboard Frame.  

I've bought this vintage frame from my fave antique spot and have had it hanging in our bedroom since.    When I decided I wanted a chalkboard in our entryway, I decided that the frame would be perfect for the project.  So I took a little visit to Home Depot, bought some Rustoleum Chalkboard Spray Paint, went to my handy Dad and asked him to cut a piece of wood that would fit in the frame, and away I went.  After several coats of Krylon gray Primer, probably way too many coats of the chalkboard spray paint, and 24 hours of dry time, my chalkboard was ready to use!  I went out and bought myself some chalk and thanks to other DIY blogs, I coated my chalkboard with a layer of chalk, using the side of the chalk, erased it and was ready to go.  *This is an important step that keeps your first use of the chalkboard from being permanent.  If you don't do this it will be really hard to erase the first thing you write on the board.* 

I am really happy with the way it turned out!  Chalkboards are underrated- I can't believe they aren't even used in classrooms anymore.  Oh how things have changed!  

Aren't my parents adorable?

Finished product!

My first attempt at Chalkboard Calligraphy

Chalkboards are a great way to bring personality to your home.  Use it to write love notes to your spouse, keep score of the latest game tournaments, or to channel your inner child and just draw!  There are so many unique ways to use a chalkboard these days, just check out Pinterest and you'll find a ton!  I also saw a really cute idea on  Check it out- and have fun!