Photo Collage Wall- reconnecting with my love for crafts

When I was little, I used to love "crafting".  My sister and I would have our friends over- I remember crafting most with two sisters Carolyn and Monica- and we would ask "what do you want to do?"  We would then go through the list; we could play a game, we could build a fort, we could play hide and seek, or we could craft.  In the basement we had a box or two FULL of odds and ends for crafting.  Candle making kits, wooden little boxes to paint, thread to make bracelets (which we did often), or googley eyes to glue on who knows what.  Crafting was GREAT!  But as I got older and busier with playing instruments or sports or hanging out with my friends, learning to drive, all that fun stuff when you grow up, I started to craft less and less.  

I'd like to say that now I am returning to my roots with my love for being crafty.  I am always envious of people who are super creative- and come up with awesome ideas of things to make.  Pinterest makes it super easy these days to find really cool ideas or helpful DIYs to make the crafting easier.  And yet for whatever reason it is just way easier to be lazy- think of a cool idea and not act on it.  

My goal is to change my ways- and when I find, or think of, a cool idea- to actually DO it!  My Photo Collage Wall was the first of my creative attempts and I must say I am very happy with the end product.  A friend of mine had shown me a wall that she had done and so one day I decided to go for it. 

I am the type of person who if I get an idea in my head, I have to act on it and FINISH it right away.  I don't like to drag it out; I am not sure if that is my impatience acting up or my desire for instant gratification.  Who knows.  Anyways- my point is, I finished this project in about half a day.  

Since I just got married 3 months ago, you will notice that a lot of what I'm going through, or the pictures that I put on here have to do with my wedding.  I was so happy with the photos we got and well, I'm still a newlywed so I decided that's what the wall would consist of.  

I suppose I can just stop blabbing and show you what I did.  

Step 1: buy frames from Goodwill- approx. $11.00

Wipe down the frames Clorox wipes.

Step 2: Pick the pictures to put in each of the frames, and arrange them according to measured space above the couch.

Step 3: Nail them to the wall.

Step 4: Enjoy and be proud :)

When I got finished, I was seriously SO proud of the work I had done.  It might seem a bit silly- but it's like when you are little and you finish a project at school and what's the first thing you do when you get home?  "Mom!!  Look what I did!!"  That's how I felt- only now I was saying, "Chris, look what I did!"  

What I learned from this little project? I am totally capable of being crafty and handy and being able to achieve the cuteness level that I so desire for our apartment.  I am hoping this will be the beginning of many posts that will fall into the Crafty Mindy section of my blog.  [In fact, I just recently picked up and started a project with a french door, bought some more old frames, and even found a super cute vintage-looking mirror (for $8.00 might I add) for our bedroom.  AND I found a really awesome idea for some wall art with an old door; I am super excited to get started on that!!]  

So cheers to our inner child with the desire to be creative and then show off what we've done.