I heart Zumba

All of you skeptics out there who have yet to try Zumba, it's about time you jump on this train. I have been doing Zumba since it first started hitting gyms around the area- and I am still in love with it.  Not only is it a great workout that is both a cardio and strengthening exercise class- but it teaches you a bit of latin dance and in my opinion, makes you feel awesome when you're done. 

I just went to the gym tonight, and I was reminded about how much I love going to group workout classes.  It is totally invigorating!  For whatever reason over the past few months, I have been super lazy in my efforts to making it to the gym.  I would still Zumba on my Wii from time to time, but there is nothing like being in a room with a ton of other women shaking your stuff, getting in shape.  But there's one thing that makes a world of a difference in having a good Zumba experience; that is a good instructor.  I have been to classes with some not so good instructors and I have been to classes with the best instructors- and it seriously makes a difference for everything; how much you sweat, how quickly you catch on to the routines, and how much fun you have.  

The Thursday class at the YMCA where I go has one of the best instructors I have ever seen. She is so energetic [she herself has lost of 100 lbs. from doing Zumba!], puts together awesome playlists, and gets everyone excited and engaged with the workout.  Her class is so popular that people are literally about 2 feet away from each other.  There were about 130 people in class tonight (that's my rough estimate of course)- needless to say, the class was packed.  

One last tidbit about my Zumba experience.  I am a big advocate for several reasons. It is such a fun way to workout- it is exciting to go to class and burn some calories.  Also, I am a fan of latin dance.  I love Salsa dancing!  A huge reason that I feel like I can handle myself to a reasonable degree at the Salsa club is because I learned some of the moves (Salsa, merengue, cha cha, etc.) in Zumba.  [Again it highly depends on how good your instructor is.]  This may sound dumb, but doing Zumba can actually make you feel sexy.  Go ahead, think I'm nuts, call me crazy- but I before doing Zumba I didn't think my body could move in some of those ways! :)  

So what I'm saying is, try it out.  Don't be afraid to do the moves the wrong way, be facing the wrong direction, or kicking when everyone else is jumping.  Trust me, I've been there. I still do things wrong- sometimes my arms are going the wrong direction or I end up hitting someone cause I'm not coordinated enough to add an arm motion.  Just laugh it off because it's a blast and totally worth it in the end.  So get up off your duff and try it.  [You'd think I was on an infomercial or something.  Nope, just a happy Zumba-er encouraging you to give it a go.]

Peace. Love. Zumba.