Craft time

Today, as my husband was doing some work in his dining room turned temporary office, I decided that I was in the mood to be a bit crafty.  I am a big crochet fan and so I thought perhaps I would do a little crocheting this afternoon.  We have quite a few weddings to go to this summer which means bridal showers, gifts- all that jazz.  One of the gifts that I received from my mother-in-law was a pack of crocheted dishcloths.  I had never used them before, and now I must say I AM A HUGE FAN.  They are my "go-to" rags; I love them!  This Christmas I made my sister a blanket (it was quite a project, that I was very proud of- perhaps I'll post a pic sometime in the future) and have a fair amount of leftover yarn, so I thought why not make some crocheted dishcloths for the bridal showers I have coming up!? That way not only do I get to share my love for these great cloths, but I also get to give them something from the heart (I mean I'm making them with my own hands!).  So here's what I did this afternoon.  

Final Product Version #1: no edging

Final Product Version #2: with edging

There we have it! I am still debating whether I like the edging?  I might do an edging in the same color as the rag versus the different color just because it would make it a bit more uniform.  Not quite sure yet.  Overall, such a great, easy project for a crafty feeling afternoon.